Angel Music and 99 Followers!

I’m writing today from hot and humid Illinois. I’ve been here on vacation visiting family and having a great time.  I see that my blog has reached the 99 follower mark.  Thanks to all followers both old and new.  Let’s see if we can tip the 100 mark soon.  

When writing “The Last Archangel”, I read a lot about angels and listened to many songs about them. One great thing about angels is that there are so many great songs about them.  Being the music buff that I am, I happen to own many of them.So, I wanted to play a little game on my blog. 

I have made a playlist in which every track has something to do with angels. Make a list of 10 songs that have “angel” as part of the lyrics or that are about angels in some way.  After I have enough entries, I will post my list and you will get one point for each song you thought of that I did not.  The winner will be featured here on my blog with the prestigious “golden harp award”.

After this, I wanted to feature some angel trivia that we used at the my recent launch party.  My wife and I came up with these together and the guests thought it was really fun.  

If you haven’t already, head over to​m/ where you can hear a recording of a recent radio interview I did about “The Last Archangel” and some of my upcoming projects.  

Enjoy, and don’t forget to submit your angel music list!

One thought on “Angel Music and 99 Followers!

  1. What a fun idea! And I loved reading about your research about angels. Hey, we have close to the same amount of followers. I have 105 – I'll raise you one more! So happy to find you!

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