My Podcasts

Chapter and Verse

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Chapter and Verse is a chapter by chapter reflection on the scriptures through poetry, as a way to strengthen your personal and family Gospel study.

One chapter, one verse.

Songs for All Seasons

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Join me as we dive into the history behind some of the most beloved songs for every season, seasons of celebration, seasons of gratitude, and seasons of anticipation. In each episode, I’ll explain the history of a well-known song and then perform some of it for you.

The Carols of Christmas

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Each day leading up to Christmas, I talk about a particular Christmas carol, explaining some of the history and background behind the carol, and then finally, I will sing a verse of it for you. Some will be familiar and some probably not, but they all point us toward the true reason for the season: our Savior Jesus Christ.

New Frontiers in Fantasy

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Audio episodes of my fiction.

Christmas With Henry:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Podcasts That I am Featured In

Mental Illness and Me

His Hand in All Things

Say What is Truth?

Everyday Excellence

Everyday Saints

Latter-day Lives: 

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