Cover, Book Layout, and Other Services

Services for authors

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I provide freelance book cover design, book layout, and other services. The slideshow above features some of of my previous work. My prices are as follows:

eBook cover: $50

Front and back covers: $75

Paperback or eBook interior design: $50 for up to 80,000 words. $75 for above 80,000 words.

Query letter writing and editing: $25 per letter

Back cover copy writing and editing: $25 per book

Combo service (Book cover and interior design): $90 for eBook/$115 for paperback. Add $25 if the work is over 80,000 words.

Full service (Book cover, interior design, back cover and query letter): $130 for eBook/$155 for paperback. Add $25 if the work is over 80,000 words.

Family Memory Book: I can create a family memory book with pictures and text! You can see an example on

100 Years

For books of this type, I charge $.75/page, and so a 400 page book would cost $300, for example. This includes a cover and layout.

Contact me to discuss bulk discounts!

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General Services

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I provide a quick and affordable way to convert old VHS and camcorder tapes (VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8, and Mini-DV) to DVDs and digital files.

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