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Each volume of “The Boss Level” contains beautiful accounts of modern miracle stories, times when people have been blessed to beat the odds, by God’s grace. My own daughter graces the cover of Volume I, because in it I tell her miraculous story of survival. The proceeds from these books are given to help couples seeking fertility treatments.

Welcome! Thanks for coming to my page! My name is Michael Young and I love to write, sing, act, and many other things. By day, I’m a public school German teacher, and by night I’m often rehearsing on a stage or in a concert hall. In between that and my family life, I find time to write.

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For young adults/teens, I suggest my Chess Quest Series.

For adults, I suggest my Penultimate Dawn Series.

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My cause

My wife and I have two wonderful sons and a daughter. Our daughter came to us through the miracle of modern fertility treatments, supported by the generosity of others. As such, I would love to pay it forward to help other couples struggling with infertility.

A portion of the proceeds that I make from my books will go to The Hope for Fertility Foundation to help provide grants to other couples hoping for a baby. You can also donate to their cause by following this link: Donate to The Hope for Fertility Foundation

My writing story

I’ve been writing from a very young age. I still have a bunch of my illustrated stories from grade school and they were already about dragons, knights, castles, and more magic than you can fit in a wardrobe. I had an important moment in my writing career in high school when I took a creative writing class and I won the “golden pencil award” for having produced the best short story in the class. About that time, I asked myself, “I’ve read so many fun novels. Could I actually write one?” And so I gave it a shot. Over the next year, I wrote my first novel, which I have now published as “A Past With Two Faces”.

Since then, I’ve gone on to publish traditionally with various presses and to release some of my work independently. I’ve written for newspapers, magazines, podcasts, and textbooks, but my passion remains in crafting fantastical worlds and characters. I love to teach and spend my time at writer’s conferences, helping others improve their craft so they can succeed as authors.

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