Kicking off "The Last Archangel" Blog Tour

Today marks the start of the blog tour for “The Last Archangel”. I’ve got a lot of great bloggers on board who will be hosting reviews, giveaways, guest posts, and even interviews with some of the characters from the book.

I just got my first physical copy of the book yesterday and it looks great! Can’t wait to get it into the hands of others.

To encourage everyone to check out the blogs of the people supporting the blog tour, I’m giving away some prizes at the end for three lucky participants. I’ll even let you choose your prize. These giveaways are good for those living in the United States, except for the manuscript evaluation, which can be claimed by any English speaker. The prizes are any one of the following:

  • A signed copy of “The Last Archangel”
  • A signed copy of “The Canticle Kingdom”
  • Two signed copies of “Portrait of a Mother”
  • A free 50-page in-depth manuscript evaluation. (No manuscripts with explicit content please. 12 pt font, doubled spaced.)
See the form below for all the ways that you can earn entries. Check back every day for chances to earn more. 

One thought on “Kicking off "The Last Archangel" Blog Tour

  1. I have been following the tour and it has been fun. I have only seen a couple of sites featuring The Last Archangel so far but will certainly stop by when I find them. Congratulations on the release and I look forward to reading this book.

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