“The Boss Level” Spotlights

This month, I want to highlight stories from my charity anthology! All proceeds go to another family to help with fertility treatments! You can also donate directly through Venmo:

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Normal Version with Full-Color Photos: 

Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09MDSNNPQ 

Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09M5CZRVX  

Hardcover: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09M5CZSFX  

Basic Version with Black and White Photos : 

Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09MG4JSHL  

Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09M4QWL6D  

Hardcover: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09M5B6PDQ

Story 1: “The Boss Level” by Michael D. Young

This is my own story about the string of miracles that had to occur to bring our daughter, Maggie, into our lives. We had an incredibly generous donor pay for our fertility treatments, but then almost lost our daughter when my wife’s water broke 17 weeks early! Maggie defied all the odds and is now an incredible, happy, and healthy little girl!

Story 2: “A Medical Miracle” by Norma Pyper Mitchell

In this story, she explains about a summer that changed her life and the practice of medicine forever. Though sure endured a terrible series of medical struggles, she also became a pioneer of modern medicine in a way that has probably helped you and your family too! Come find out what it is by reading the whole story.

Story 3: “Tender Mercies” by Betsy Love

In this story, Betsy recounts the harrowing experience of a car smashing into her house in the middle of the day! The miracles come in because of who wasn’t where they were supposed to be in the house at the time. Come read all about it in her story!

Story 4: “A Pattern of Miracles” by Kyle and Chelsea Woodruff

This story features a husband and wife team and the incredible events surrounding a house fire and other disasters that might have ruined them, but did not, thanks to the intervention of others. They have overcome a lot together and are all the stronger for it! 

Story 5: “The Miracle of Grace” by Sydney Hill

This story features a tender account of a beautiful little girl, named Grace, who only lived for a short time, but had a huge impact on the lives of her family members. It is a beautiful story of finding hope in tragedy and a testament to the fact that every life, no matter how brief, has meaning.

Story 6: “The PHP Fairytale” by Cami Shaskin

This story talks about the amazing way that Cami met her husband, and how their unusual fairy-tale romance had a lot to do with the programming language PHP. Many miracles large and small led to their happily-ever after.

Story 7: “Our Mortgage” by Cami Shaskin

This is another story from Cami Shaskin, continuing her story from the “PHP Fairytale”. She describes the incredible circumstances surrounding them finding their home together where she and her husband were able to grow their family.

Story 8: “My Real-Life Miracle” (Name Withheld)

This story tells the inspiring account of a person born with many physical and mental challenges who overcame them all, despite what the doctors told her. Though she was told she would never be able to succeed in school, she is set to graduate with a degree in computer science with honors.

Story 9: “Scarlet’s Miracle” by Brae Lee Bennion

Brae tells the story of her daughter, Scarlet, and a horrible freak accident at home that left her fighting for her life. This traumatic experience, however, leads Brae to profound insights about receiving divine help and her relationship to our loving Heavenly Father.

Story 10: “Jesse’s Story” by Douglas Allan

Douglas tells the inspiring story of his brother Jesse who found his life suddenly changed forever by an intense medical condition that left him almost completely paralyzed. Despite having all the odds stacked against him, Jesse defied death and lived a full and fulfilling life in which he moved mountains to bless others.

Story 11: “Hope Over Reason” by Bonni Mergenthaler

In this story, Bonni relates her tale of recovering from miscarriage, and then unexpectedly becoming pregnant with another baby amidst a scary medical diagnosis. She discusses all the ups and downs of this turbulent time in her life and how it drew her closer to God and how she was able to find hope while passing through turmoil.

Story 12: “Leaning on the Promise” by Marta O. Smith

After a surgery to repair her esophagus, things didn’t go as planned for Marta. Horrible pain and shortness of breath continued to plague her and even further medical attention didn’t help. She needed a miracle, and she found it through an unlikely source.

Story 13: “A Gift from the Past” by Madonna D. Christensen

This story is a faith-promotion story about a Catholic woman who was looking for a new rosary and then had one of special significance come into her life in an unexpected way.

Story 14: “A Heavenly Welcome” by Madonna D. Christensen

In this story, Madonna shares the account of her sister, Billie, who battled Alzheimer’s Disease and the remarkable comfort she received near the end of her life in a way that crossed generations.

Story 15: “A House and Four Miracles” by Linda Beauvais

Linda describes four remarkable events starting with the ability to buy back her previous house after finding herself on her own with four children to raise.

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