Twenty Years of Keepsake Christmas Stories from the Tabernacle Choir

Since 2010, I’ve been blessed to sing in the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square. My favorite part of each year is getting to sing the Christmas concert, which, during my time in the choir, has always been a big production.

The Conference Center on Temple Square was opened in 2001, which allowed the choir to move in there for their Christmas concerts. It is an amazing hall where you can do all sorts of amazing things! Some of them have to be seen to be believed!

One of my favorites was the year we invited Tom Brokaw and Gail Halverson to tell the story of the Berlin Candy Bomber. As part of the story, they actually dropped parachutes from the roof of the auditorium with candy attached to them! I actually met Col. Halverson when I was a teenager and I’ve loved his story ever since. Then I lived in Germany as a missionary, and have visited Berlin. Here’s a picture of Col. Halverson with my family. (I’m the one standing behind the couch.)

Watch this amazing story for yourself:

This collection includes 20 years of amazing stories told at Christmas concerts over the years by world-class narrators. I personally loved reliving all of these incredible stories and if you have never heard them, they will be an amazing addition to your holiday season.

You can purchase the collection here:

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