Extra Music to Enjoy

I’m including extra digital sheet music (over 100 songs) with the purchase of “As Saints We

There are even more reasons to pick up a copy of “As Saints We Sing!” Over 100 more!

You can purchase the collection here: https://amzn.to/3a6O4Hm

Besides the 179 songs you get by purchasing “As Saints We Sing”, purchasing the collection also entitles you to three digital freebies! 

  1. Classic Hymn Collection: A collection of sixty classic Christian hymns from various traditions in SATB arrangements. 
  2. As Youth We Sing: A collection of twenty-seven original children’s songs that help teach the Gospel. 
  3. Special Music Numbers: A collection of eighteen special numbers for a variety of cultures. 

That’s an additional 105 songs! 

To claim your free copies of all three collections, do the following: 

  1. Send a proof of purchase for “As Saints We Sing” to thecanticlekingdom@gmail.com.
  2. Join my author contact list on the homepage of https://authormichaelyoung.com/

I will then send you a PDF copy of all three collections. 

If you want access to these digital collections without purchasing “As Saints We Sing”, you can send me $10 through Venmo (Username: @mdybyu), and I will send you all three collections. 


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