Printed Books Blog Hop

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Don’t get me wrong–I love my Kindle and my iPhone, but there’s still something about a real book. All of the prizes in this blog hop are actual books, so enter away! This time, a copy of my first novel, “The Canticle Kingdom” is up for grabs. Remember, there’s just one month left to submit for the second Advent Anthology, with the proceeds this time going to Autism Speaks. For more details, click “Current Projects” above.


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6 thoughts on “Printed Books Blog Hop

  1. I actually was thinking about this a few days ago, thinking of something different. And I thought you know there are all these Science Fiction books about aliens coming to Earth and hiding among us, blending in, so what if Humans went to an alien planet instead? And blend in among the aliens like they do on Earth. Just switch the story around. Now that would be really awesome to read. I hope I wrote this correctly and not confuse anyone. (An example: Take the Lux series and switch around.)

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