NaNoWriMo and 12 Days of Christmas

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Tis the season to be writing. For my fourth year in a row, I’m participating in NaNoWriMo, and things are going well so far. Here’s the project that I’m working on this year. 
Death Seer
After a near death experience in the ocean, Kumi starts seeing people differently. Sometimes they look normal, and other times, he sees them as they will look when they die. When these grim premonitions start to come true, Kumi thinks that he’s going crazy. 
It isn’t long before others get wind of his strange gift. One day when walking home from school, men in dark suits stuff Kumi into a van. The government has gotten a tip of an assassin plot against a key group of Senators. With Kumi’s help, they can tell how they are going to die, and so can work to prevent the awful event before it’s too late. 
I’d also like to announce that I’ve taken the Pinterest plunge. I started by making a board of all of my book covers. You can look at it here:
On Wednesday, I’m starting a new promotion for “Sing We Now of Christmas”, including 12 different prizes, including a copy of the anthology so that I can get it to you before December 1st.  Check back on Wednesday for more details! 

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