Writing Fireworks

Hope everyone had a happy 4th. My oldest son appreciated every last ‘bomb bursting in air’, while my younger son reenacted the part where the British screamed in terror. I, for one, am grateful for a nation where we are free to pursue the goals that we want, and can even work towards making a living as a writer.

Writing Progress:
Words for July: 15,355 (30%)
Words for 2012: 315,362 (52.5%)

Writing Update:
I had a great writing week as the numbers will show. I’m revising three novels, and adding little bits and pieces here and there as well as working on new works called “Elected” and “Dual School”.  I’ll have project descriptions up soon under ‘Current Projects’.
I’ve actually put my hand to writing a lot of music this week, working on a possible sacred album. I’ll be sure to write about that when that comes to fruition.  

Weekly Writing Tip: 
Once you finish something, step back for a little while before you try to revise it. You’ll look at it more objectively and that new perspective can only help. Also, the ideas there might have simmered in your subconscious for a while, which helps you piece things together that didn’t already turn out in the first draft. 

Anthology Update:
I saw the first draft of the cover for the anthology and I’m very excited. I sent some feedback to the artist and hopefully, I’ll be getting a second draft here soon. I’ll be sure to post it when we have finally settled on a final draft.

Seeking a Few Got Pens:
I am seeking a few other authors to embark with me on a multi-book, multi-author project. I can’t promise you fame and piles of money, but I can promise, time travel, cavemen, the French Revolution and more. If you’d like to see the details, click on “Current Projects”.

Canticle of Twilight
The last season of what I’m calling “The Canticle Prelude” is going on right now with new episodes every Monday. Even though it has the word “Twilight” in the title, I promise, it has nothing to do with sparkly vampires.  Instead, it is a story that tells about what happened in the Kingdom right before the events of the first book. Check it out at:
Until next week, live bravely, and write well! 

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