Interview/Blog Tour: Rachelle Christensen with "Caller ID"

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I will give my usual weekly report on Thursday, because today I have a special guest on my blog. She is an award-winning author and savvy marketer. I read her first novel “Wrong Number” and thought it was a wonderful piece of writing and I’ve put her latest read on my to-read list. Please welcome my friend Rachelle Christensen.

What lessons did you learn from writing your first novel that you applied to this one?
I learned so much about editing and how to fine-tune a sentence. I learned to look at a scene from several different angles to see if my writing could evoke suspense from different levels—emotionally, physiologically, etc.
What are some red flags that you look for when you are revising something you’ve written?
Pet words. I always have a long list of words that I use too often. I go through my book and use the search function in Word to weed them out. It helps because I often find other things that I need to fix as well. The only downside is I keep getting new pets with each new novel. J

What sorts of things have you found work best to get the word out about your books?
That’s a loaded question, but I think the best idea is to utilize several different forms of spreading the word.
Who are the biggest cheerleaders of your writing? What do they do to encourage you?
My family, especially my husband. They ask about my writing, read early drafts of my books, help make time for me to write, and encourage me in my goals. I’m so thankful to have a supportive family—my husband is my biggest fan.
What’s something you would tell to aspiring writers that you wished you’d known from the beginning?
That you never stop learning, so don’t ever think that you can sit back and say, “I know all there is about writing.” Get yourself to a writers conference and soak up the knowledge!
What are you working on right now? What are your writing goals?
I just finished writing/editing book one of a new “Wedding Planner Mystery” series. I had so much fun writing this novel and getting to know the characters. The title is Diamond Rings are Deadly Things and it’s set in Sun Valley, Idaho near where I grew up.
My goals for writing is to just keep plugging away every day, whether it’s outlining the next book or editing/revising.
What sorts of things do you do as an author to improve your writing?
I attend writing conferences, classes, read books on writing techniques, work with critique groups, beta readers—basically I try to take advantage of every opportunity to increase my knowledge and expertise as a writer. It’s amazing how much there is to learn and I’m lucky that I love learning!
Where are the best places on the internet to learn about you?
Author Rachelle’s FB Page
Book Trailer
Book Poster
Is there anything else you’d like to say?
Thanks so much for these great questions, Michael, and for letting me visit your corner of the net.

You’re welcome, Rachelle! She also wanted me to let you know about a contest she is running now, where you can win a camcorder or signed copies of her books. Get all the details here:

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