February is a Win!

Put February in the Win column!  I passed 50,000 words again, and I’m up for another great writing month in March. I had a crazy week revising my two parables for my “Parables for Today” submission. I guess that book is coming out this Summer. I’ll post the details as I have them.

Running Total: 106,332
Month to Date: 12,343
Yearly Percentage to Go: 82.3%
Writing Tip of the Week:
A good editor is worth his or her weight in…first edition rare books. (You thought I was going to say ‘gold’ didn’t you. I really do try to watch the cliché thing.) When looking for an editor, find someone who will really tell it to you straight and give you ‘tough love’ when you need it. I have a really tough editor help me disassemble and reassemble two of my stories this week and though it hurt a little, I ended up with a superior finished product.
Writing Update:
“Canticle of Night” is finished! The entire thing can be read and listened to. My editor thought the story came to a satisfying conclusion, but if you do want more, I’m starting up the next “season” called “Canticle of Dawn”. It picks up years later in the Canticle Kingdom and tells the backstory of some of the pivotal characters from “The Canticle Kingdom” and continues the story from “Canticle of Night”. They have told me that they would like to turn it into an eBook and an audio book soon. 
If you want to listen to or read “Canticle of Night”, please visit my page at http://www.bigworldnetwork.com/CanticleofNight.html

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