Young Adult Giveaway

Welcome to another great giveaway! Just full out the form below between the 27th and 31st for a chance to win a free signed copy of “The Canticle Kingdom”.  As one of the options for this contest, I have included checking out the web serial that is a prelude to “The Canticle Kingdom” called “Canticle of Night”.  So, if you’d like to see (or even hear) a sample of my writing, please go visit the link provided and check it out. (Don’t forget to “like” it).  In other news, I hope to get the sequel out this year, entitled “The Frozen Globe”.  I already have a cover for it, and it looks awesome.  If I can get over 150 entries in this giveaway, I will reveal the cover when I announce the winner.

Don’t forget to visit all the other great blogs participating in the hop using the list below the entry form.

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