Blog Tour: Time Gangsters

Separately, I think that either gangsters or time travel make for an interesting read. Together they’re more powerful than a Tommy gun with a full clip. You might think that the mash up is complete, but wait…there’s more. You also need to throw in ancient Egyptian coins with magical powers.

Though this sounds like the stuff of a strange Monty Python sketch, it all works out. That is the genius of Berin’s writing: he takes off-the-wall scenarios and turns them into entertaining reads. Instead of following the trends, he creates his own. (The book is blissfully free of anything resembling a werewolf or vampire.)

Berin did an excellent job of capturing the atmosphere and language of the gangsters are the characters move back and forth in time. It was also interesting to see his magic system at play with the various coins and their powers, especially how those powers often backfired on the kids and gangsters who tried to harness them.

“Time Gangsters” is a quick and entertaining read that I’d highly recommend. The author’s vivid imagination and quirky humor shine throughout. You’ll also want to find Berin to have him sign a copy for you. The last time I saw him promoting this book, he came equipped with the pinstriped suit and fedora, though I’m guessing the bookstore frowned on him sporting anything resembling a tommy gun.

 This one’s the cat’s meow, the bee’s knees, you hear?

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