Zig Zigler once said “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”

That has applications in many realms of life, but I think it applies especially to writing.  During this National Novel Writing Month, I’ve realized just how important setting goals is. All of the other 11 months of the year, I just try to write what I can when I can. During November, I have a fixed mark that I’m shooting at and the target is set high. By setting my sights high, I try harder, I find more time, I put more effort into writing and lo and behold, I usually hit and exceed the mark.

I’m happy to announce that the first draft of the second book in The Last Archangel series is finished. More on that next Monday.

The most important I have learned is that having a plan is like laying the track for a train. It takes a while to build, but once it is down, the vehicle can take a lot of cargo a long way quickly.

I’m serious about writing and so in making my writing plan for 2012, I’m going to be thinking of ways of incorporating setting the mark high for all 12 months of the year. I’ll be talking a lot more about planning in December, and I hope that you’ll chime in with your two cents. What did you learn from NaNoWriMo, and how has it affected your writing?

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  1. The best laid plans of mice and me… didn't get my NaNoWriMo challenge finished on Monday as I'd hoped, but last night instead. As always, the journey was intense – and I'm thrilled to have such a large chunk of the book written: 51,022 words.Thanks again for encouraging me!

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