Book Review: Dael and the Painted People

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Hello readers! Today I am reviewing the third book in the prehistoric Zan-Gah series by Allan Schickman: Dael and the Painted People.

 In this third installment, Shickman diverts the narrative from Zan-Gah and instead focuses on his warlike brother Dael. It tells the story of Dael’s sojourn among an ancient people who paint their entire bodies red. You get a close look at their way of life, their customs and how Dael and his companion integrate themselves into the society and in the process ruffle a few feathers.

The imagery is vivid and beautiful and the author’s imagination shines through, as with the previous volumes. It is a very approachable text and a quick read that takes a refreshing new direction from the other books in the series.

If I have one complaint about it, is was that sometimes I felt the author went over the head of his audience. The writing style is very simple, and is obviously geared at younger readers. However, once in a while, a great SAT word will appear like ‘ accouterments’ or ‘ululated’ that would probably leave younger readers stumped.

This volume has more of a standalone feel so that you could read it in conjunction with the other Zan-Gah books or by itself. I recommend it to young adult readers looking for a captivating world to escape to.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Dael and the Painted People

  1. Hi Mike,Thanks for an intelligent, favorable review. I must admit that in my weakness for words, I sometimes throw a silver-dollar word at my young audience. "Ululation" is one. In a school visit, I mentioned that very word, pointing out that it was an example of onomatopoeia. The 7th graders all knew what that was, and one could even spell it. I figure that if they can handle "onomatopoeia," which is one of the harder words in the English language, they can handle "ululation" too. They're smart little devils!A. R. Shickman

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