Review: The Unwilling by C. David Belt

Today I would like to introduce you to debut author C. David Belt. He has just come out with his first novel, “The Unwilling: Children of Lilith Volume 1”. 

Now, I’ve got to admit, I’m not usually a fan of vampire books, but I was surprised by this one. I really feel that David did something different with them. In speaking with him, he’s been working on this series long before those such as Stephanie Meyer made their mark on the Vampire world.  Here is the synopsis to give you a better idea: 

In all the 6,000 years that the Children of Lilith have walked among us, there has never been an unwilling vampire . . . until now.

Carl Morgan has lost everything. His wife and children were killed in a senseless accident. Then he witnesses the murder of his sister at the hands of a beautiful and mysterious woman named Rebecca. When the police cannot locate the killer, Carl takes matters into his own hands. But his search for justice costs him everything he holds dear.

Carl is unknowingly transformed into the world’s first and only unwilling vampire. He is cut off from the light, damned to an eternity of darkness, barred from heaven and any hope of a reunion with his family.

Moira MacDonald, a repentant vampire, has roamed the earth alone for centuries seeking redemption. The very existence of an unwilling vampire, something she thought impossible, changes everything. Has she finally found a path to redemption . . . and an end to her loneliness?

Carl and Moira discover that Rebecca’s vampire Master, Michael, plans to unleash a plague of vampires on the city. Can Carl and Moira stop the slaughter of countless innocents?

Now here are my thoughts: 

The Unwilling is a great new take on vampires that comes as a breath of fresh air among many such stories. The characters are immediately likable and the story grand, stretching over the centuries though still managing to feel relevant to today. The action and the emotions feel real and the journey that the two main characters make towards redemption and towards each other was an exhilarating ride. A satisfying reading experience that made me thirsty for another installment.

The Unwilling is now available in eBook format from or, but will be coming in paperback format from Parables Publishing. You can read more about David and his work at the official site:

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