Take flight with Rafflecopter

Today I’m posting about an online resource that I think willgo big, especially for bloggers. It has many applications for authors, but alsofor anyone who wants to attract people to their blog.  I’m talking about Rafflecopter.  I ran a giveaway using it a few weeks ago,and I’ll never go back.
The first great thing about it is its versatility. You canuse it on blogs made with both Blogger and WordPress, and can even use it onFacebook using an iFrame app. 
It provides your visitors one click options for them to earnraffle entries. Want them to follow your Facebook page? One click. Want them tofollow you on Twitter? One click. Want them to Recite the alphabet backwardswhile standing on their heads? One click marks the task as done.  You can customize your raffle with as many oras few options as you wish, and can have different tasks marked as mandatoryand each task can be worth a different number of entries.
Not only does it let people enter your giveaway, but itkeeps track of who does, and automatically makes the giveaway open during aspecific timeframe. When the clock runs out, it shuts down and allows you topush the button to randomly select a winner from all those who entered.
In summary, it takes all of the stress out of running agiveaway. Everything is completely organized and fair, and it simplifieseverything for your readers.
Unfortunately, you have to be invited right now in order tobe allowed to use it. (I’m sure it will eventually open up to the generalpublic)  You can put on the waiting listto get on board at http://www.rafflecopter.com/.  They send out new invites every day, so headto their homepage and get your name on the list.  With all the extra time you save, you’ll have moretime to focus on writing your blog. 

4 thoughts on “Take flight with Rafflecopter

  1. I love this idea. It takes a lot of work out of running those give aways. Thanks for the link. I really appreciate it. I'm in your MG/YA group on the Campaign and am really trying to get around to all members. Whew! This is work. Maybe I should go back to JUST writing books.

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