SnapIt for Bloggers!

This month I was introduced to a great new tool that is especially useful for all you bloggers out there.  It is a snagging tool called “SnapIt” and is incredibly easy to use and simple to learn.

The software allows you to “snag” anything on your screen and save it in a variety of formats, such as .gif, .jpg. tif and others.  All you have to do is assign a “hotkey” such as F10 or Print Screen to activate the software, and then use the cursor to draw a box around the area of the screen that you want to capture.  You can also capture the entire screen if you desire.

The captured images are automatically saved and organized in a folder you specify.  It’s that simple!

I can see how this would be very useful when building a website or creating a tutorial or any number of other creative projects.  Here’s an example of an image I gleaned by using SnapIt:

To view a visual tutorial about the features of SnagIt and to order, please follow this link.

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