Roy Writing: Week One-Organizing Your Writing

The great thing about organizing your writing, is that there is no one right way to do it.  The best way to do it, is whatever works for you.  This often comes down to personal preference and style. Different writers also want/need different levels of organization, running the whole gambit of micromanaging to only placing the biggest “landmarks” of a story to hit along the way.

My presentation to the students focused on giving a few ideas to try out to see what works for them.  I encouraged them to organize both their plot, but also their characters.

Here are some of the ideas:

Organizing Your Plot: 

o Sticky notes: Write down scenes or events that will happen and then rearrange them. (Put them in the beginning, middle and end piles)

Write an outline on paper or on the computer.  This can be like an essay, or in columns such as “Beginning, Middle, and End” 
Create a timeline and place the events of your story in order. 
Create an idea web with one bubble for each scene.  Make branches off each scene or chapter that describe what you want to happen and what the reader should feel.  

Organizing Your Characters: 

Write a “wanted” poster
oWrite a letter as one character to another
Write the character’s eulogy
Keep a “character book” which has how they look and how they feel in it
Create a problem (like a flat tire) and then write how each of your characters would handle it. 

See the entire presentation here, and find out how writing a good plot is liking riding a good roller coaster. (The presentation is attached to the page and is called “Organizing Your Writing.pptx”)

Feel free to post additional idea you have!

2 thoughts on “Roy Writing: Week One-Organizing Your Writing

  1. I really like the idea of writing a letter from one character to another. Very cool! But do kids these days know what a letter is? ha ha!

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