Review: Pocket of Guilt have always enjoyed a good historical fiction and this one takes an angle that I have not yet seen.  It follows the plight of a German LDS Family through World War II and the challenges placed upon their faith.

I have read many different books about the time period, and this one still brought me new insight.  The author did a great job of providing references and a timeline of events  It was faith-promoting and interesting and eye-opening all at the same time.

Above all, it made me grateful to live in the country in which I live at the time that I do.  The freedoms I enjoy now, I should never take for granted.  It’s especially interesting for me, who has lived in Germany and has seen first-hand the effects on those whose parents and grandparents suffered through this pivotal time.

One thought on “Review: Pocket of Guilt

  1. This is the most interesting book like it that I've read. The characters are so real, it captures your attention. You will want to know about a sequil when you finish.

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