A True Incan Treasure


When I first picked up this book, I thought I was in for a South American version of “The Mummy”, minus Brendan Fraser.  I met with surprise when all of the mummies in this story stay dead and in fact there are no supernatural events of any kind.  In fact, it has more elements of historical fiction and elements drawn from Incan mythology. I found this refreshing and intriguing.  The “terror” in the title refers less to the undead and more to terrorists.
I especially enjoy books that have something about the real world I can take away.  I had heard a bit about Incas vs. Spaniards, but this book really illuminated new aspects of that struggle that I had never considered and then built a story on those elements.  It has great elements of suspense as the protagonist must travel through booby trapped secret tunnels in order to escape those who want to harm him.
I found the book was also a quick read, with good pacing and interesting characters.   The ending felt a little abrupt for my taste, but in all I found it a satisfying read.  I hope the author has more on the horizon.  

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