Fantasy and Sci Fi Fans, Unite!

I’m a big fan of both Sci Fi and Fantasy literature and love when authors tastefully combine the two. Berin has down a great job on this task, in a fiction debut that had me anticipating the series that is sure to come. 
In “The Dragon War Relic”, Berin takes the role of an American Douglas Adams in crafting a humorous Sci Fi/Fantasy epic. There are so many little touches and allusions for the longtime Sci Fi/Fantasy reader (This book will probably appeal most to a reader who is two parts Trekkie and three parts Tolkienite.) I love what he did with creative and witty chapter titles, such as one of the final chapters “The Scouring of the Desert Table” which points to the final section of “The Return of the King” called “The Scouring of the Shire.” 

He also does this funny short of running joke where he pokes fun of product placement by creating off brands of popular products to put in his books. Things like “Pizza Cottage” and my personal favorite “the Zboz” with its hit game “Havoc”. Another nice touch is the author’s inclusion of an original song called the “Havoc Stomp” which he works into the plot. He includes the words in the back and even has a version you can listen to on his website.

“The Dragon War Relic” follows a pair of unassuming “Earthers” Jared and Doug, who find themselves tangled up in a galactic plot after Jared is given a pair of strange objects to look after by a strange man. Just after he is entrusted with these objects , the man who gave them perishes in a mysterious explosion. Jared finds himself as Earth’s representative on the galactic council and teamed up with elves, angels, ogres, and others in order to untangle the riddle of the objects Jared has been entrusted with. 

In short, a hilarious, enjoyable read. Set your course for the nearest bookstore. 


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