Welcome to the Beautiful Country


This second installment of Zan-Gah’s adventures does not disappoint. This time around, you are thrust into the action much more quickly, which is possible because you already know the characters and situations from the first installment.
This chapter deals with some intense issues, as Zan-Gah’s twin Dael suffers a crushing loss which sends him to the brink of near insanity. The tribes leave to inherit the beautiful land of their eradicated enemies and find themselves drawn into two groups, one favoring one brother and one favoring the other.
Like the first book, it deals with deep dilemmas and fierce confrontations between characters. The author does a great job in bringing the ancient world to life and making his characters interesting. Its good for the young adult audience, as some scenes might be a bit scary for young children.
You can learn more about Allan Shickmann and his writing at: http://zan-gah.com/

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