Can You Spell F-U-N-N-Y?

I don’t think I can remember the last time a work of non-fiction made me laugh this much.  Terri’s book chronicles her many adventures after deciding to stay at home with her children, leaving a high-paying job.  She takes a page from the book of Seuss, and starts each chapter with a clever alphabet-based rhyme. (But don’t worry they are original enough that they don’t feel stolen from Dr. S)
I loved the book’s lighthearted style, as well as the quirky humor of the author.  I feel like I know her already from having read this book as her personality really shone through.  The stories left me smiling and chuckling, but also promoted moments of true introspection.  The author takes the time to give us insight into what she has learned through the crazy antics of her children, family pets, uninvited vermin, mother natures, and so on. 
It is sure to produce smiles from both parents and children.  I found myself relating to the stories time and time again.
You can order “Life’s Alphabet Soup” and learn more about the author at her site: 

In additional news, you can read an interview with me at done by Linda Gardner.  Thanks Linda!

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