A Prehistoric Adventure

The good folks over at Earthshaker books, based out of St. Louis, MO, sent me a copy of the first book in one of their sucessful, award-winning young adult series.  “Zan-Gah” is set in prehistoric times, and while dinosaurs no longer roam the earth, man is still in a primitive, tribal state.  Zan-Gah is also the main character, a young boy who slays a lion in his youth and recieves an elevated status in his tribe.

When Zan-Gah’s twin brother Dael goes missing, he sets out on a quest to reclaim his brother and to prove his status as a man.  On the way, he must face huge deserets, wild animals, and hostile tribes in an exciting journey that keeps you reading.  The story is told by an unseen narrator and the author’s writing style shines through.

It’s a good read for young adult readers.  It does contain some violence and frightening situations, but also contains a strong moral base about forgiveness, the importance of families, and the importance of courage and innovation.  It already has a sequel, “The Beautiful Country”, which I will be reading and reviewing soon.  I encourage you to support good young adult literature and check out this series. 


One thought on “A Prehistoric Adventure

  1. WOW! All of a sudden the Zan-Gah orders have started pouring in. I don't know what happened. It must be all of those blog reviews I have been getting lately. Not a single order for a while, and suddenly I am selling Zan-Gah by the case! I may even have to go to press again (3rd printing!). My thanks to The Canticle, to my many reviewers, and to all of my new readers. People are paying attention.

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