A Wonderful Ides of March

I had a wonderful birthday this year and was blessed with a few unexpected presents in addition to the usual ones.  First and foremost, I found out that our family is going to get a ‘sequel.’ (Sorry, the author in me thought it an appropriate term.)  Yes, the little bundle of joy should arrive sometime in November.  We bought our son a new “Big Bro” shirt and had him wear it all day as a way to break the news.  It’s going to be hard to top that present in subsequent birthdays.

Secondly, I got my first review of “The Canticle Kingdom from a fellow author, Berin Stephens.  You can read his review on his blog:

My wife is also great at giving gag gifts.  She got me these set of knights (which happen to appropriately be from a German toymaker) that she says reminds her of the ones in my book.  One of them even looks younger like Johann.  Pretty amazing.

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