Cleon Skousen’s Previously Unreleased Book

If you like food for thought, then this previously unleased book is a feast.  The manuscript was finished before he passed away a few years back with the instruction that his family publish it “when the time is right.”  The book releases in April 2010 through Valor Publishing.  You can preorder it now at a 10% discount:
The book deals with the future destiny of America as taught in the scriptures and the words of modern prophets.  It deals extensively topics such as the gathering of Israel, the establishment of Zion, and the Law Concecreation.  Importantly, it not only deals with future events, but also discourses on what we can do to perpare for them.  
I found the book extremely facinating and read it in three sittings. I liked the fact that it provided all the references at the end of each chapter and included discussion questions at the end of each chapter, because I think many of the topics discuss lend themselves to intense discussion.  I agree with his family in saying that this truly is the time for us to think about the events discussed in this book and what we can do to prepare.  It provides food for thought about how far our country has strayed from the intentions of the those who wrote the Constitution, a topic which I think is on many people’s minds.  
What a treat to have this final work from Dr. Skousen.  These ideas are so vital at a time like this. 

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