Two signings now under my belt and again it was a blast!  I sold a good number of books and talked to some great people, especially some fun families.  Luckily, I was right by a shelf with a bunch of fantasy books on it, and was easily able to strike up a conversation with people who were browsing that shelf.  
The biggest thing I’ve learned from my first two signings, is that its a good idea to get up out of the chair and just try to talk to people.  (Thank goodness for my experience as a missionary.  Now when I’m talking to strangers, at least they speak my native language!) 
I even met a boy in high school who was working on his own novel.  I thought that was great, because that is when I started with my first. (Thought it hasn’t seen the light of day yet…) 
Thanks to those who came and happy reading!

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