Approaching the Finish Line

I have also been asked what I had to do from the time it was accepted until it was released.

A lot of email and phone time.

I worked with the getting things ready for registering with the Library of Congress. I signed off on the cover. I gave suggestions of what could be edited out to make the book a little shorter. I read through the entire thing to make sure everything still made sense. I wrote a dedication for the front and a bio from the back. I had my picture taken for the “About the Author” section.

In addition, I started getting the word out about my book. As part of my contract, Cedar Fort gave me 10 free copies as well as a number of ARCs (Advance Reading Copies), which are a lower resolution copy of the book, with a black and white alternate cover. I sent these out to people who blog or write about fiction in hopes that they generate some positive reviews for the story.

It has been a wonderful time of waiting and anticipation.

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