Done Deal!

It was one of the best emails that I had ever received. It was a day in late July and I was home by myself at our apartment in Orem. I have a special folder in my email inbox that catches anything sent to me by Cedar Fort. I had worked for a number of months on polishing the manuscript based on the suggestions I was given by the reviewer, and had submitted it again for their approval at the beginning of the summer.

They had just let me know that it had to go through one more reviewer and then they would get back to me on a final decision. I must have checked my email ten times a day. So, when I saw this one, I had a feeling this was it, good or bad—a process which had already taken several years.

I opened the email, saw the words “I have good news…we want to publish Inside the Box.” (Which was the working title at the time.), and nearly fell off my chair. I reached for my phone and called just about everyone I could think of, who knew I had been writing a book. Everyone from my wife to my parents, siblings and friends who have been so supportive during this process.

I was working a graveyard shift at the time and needed to go to bed before my shift, but I found it very difficult to sleep just then. Leave a comment this week for a chance to win a free signed copy.

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