Second Verse, Same as the First

Week Two went about as well as week one, even though we were in the middle of moving from our apartment into a beautiful brand new condo. We’re all settled in and loving it. Don’t write off writing just because you are busy!

My word count for the week: 14079
Running Total: 31645
Monthly Percentage: 63.3%
Yearly Percentage: 5.3%

Writing Tip of the Week:
Take rejections in stride.  I had a very disappointing rejection this week, and stuff like that just hits you where it hurts…metaphorically of course. I think it’s okay to be sad for a little bit, to mourn that lost opportunity, but then you have turn around and start making your next moves. If you are not careful, you might be tempted to let that project languish on the farther back of burners so that nothing happens.

Most of time, it is not that your project was bad, just that it didn’t fit what the publisher wants right now.  Send it off again as soon as possible. I’m already preparing to send it to two more publishers myself.

Writing Update:
I’m continuing to map out another web serial, and working on recording the audio version of “Canticle of Night”. Did you know it is available for free on iTunes? Good stuff.

I have been working hard this week on a non-fiction project for once that is a guide for LDS Ward Choir directors, but also can be helpful for any church choir directors. It is a topic about which I know quite a bit, having done it several times.

I’m also working hard on the third and final installments of “The Canticle Kingdom” and “The Last Archangel” series. Just getting these off the ground. In addition, I am preparing a novel called “Countdown” to enter in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award. Last year, my novel “Starspire” (as yet unpublished) was a quarter-finalist.  I’d love to get at least to the semi-finals this year!

If you want to listen to or read “Canticle of Night”, please visit my page at

I’d love to know what you think about it!