Two Hundred Posts and Counting

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Happy 200th post! 

A couple of really exciting things today. The first is that my next web serial debuts today! It is called “Canticle of Dawn” and is a continuation of the story begun in “Canticle of Night”, though it picks up some years down the road. It takes place completely inside the box that is the Canticle Kingdom, and delves deeper into the events that shaped what happens in the novel.
Please check out the first episode, and “like” it on Facebook if you do like what you read and/or hear.  Who knew narration could be so fun?
Speaking of narration, I am also narrating another series called “The Adventures of Phineas Frakture”, which is a fun Steampunk adventure. It also debuted recently. Here’s the link to that one as well:
I was also featured on a guest post, which you can check out here:
Thanks for having me, Apryl!
Running Total: 144,907
Month to Date: 38,575
Yearly Percentage to Go: 75.8%
Writing Tip of the Week:
When writing dialogue, make sure you keeping pacing in mind. If you have a lot of speaking without talking what the speakers are doing, the pace is going to feel quick. This kind of pace can tire out the reader if you use it too much. However, if you talk a little more about what the speakers are doing and their interaction with their environment while they are speaking, you slow things down a bit.  I think your writing should have a little bit of each so that the rhythm of conversation ebbs and flows much like it does in real life.
Writing Update:
I’m writing the final climatic scene for Wandaful, and I think I’ll have that one done in a week or two. I had a great idea of another novel drop into my laugh this week, and I think it grown out of me following the elections this year much more closely than usual. I’ll post more thoughts about that project once I set them into place.
‘Til I see you again, write bravely and live well! 

Gesundheit! At Last!

It’s amazing how little you get done when  sickness strikes. I was sicker this week than I have been since I was a little kid and spent entire days sprawled out on the couch watching cartoons and sipping Gatorade.(By the way, “Gesundheit” means “health” in German. That’s why you say it when to people when they sneeze). 
I’ve decided that I need to be a little flexible on my blog schedule for my busy life. I’ll still shoot for Monday and Thursday, but it might be occassionaly bumped to a surrounding day.
I’m feeling very good about my writing with lots of a good news coming in.  We’re almost done with the shortest month of the year and I’m only about 2,000 words shy of hitting 50,000 again. I figure if I can hit the mark in February, every other month should be a breeze. Thank goodness for that Leap Day though this year where I get an extra day to get ahead on writing versus a normal year.

Running Total: 103,749
Monthly Percentage to Go: 4.4%
Yearly Percentage to Go: 82.7%
Writing Tip of the Week:
When working towards writing goals, always write a little extra on those days when things are flowing well. It’s like saving up a few extra dollars “for a rainy day.” Even though I was sick and got very little writing done for a few days this week, I still did not fall behind on my overall goal because I had been following this practice. There’s nothing more discouraging than seeing yourself fall farther and farther behind. Never let yourself get into that position.  
Writing Update:
Excellent progress on my novels with more than 30,000 words on Wandaful already. I worked on developing the series’ system of magic this week and I think it works really well. It has to do with different colors of magic that stand for different things, and I think you’ll all like it when I debut it.  Other projects are plugging along, and I found out that two of my modern parables are going to be included in the a published anthology coming out this fall.
“Canticle of Night” is almost complete and has been really fun.  Please take a moment to support it by clicking the ‘like’ button on the page. They have picked it up for a second season, so the story will continue! I’ll keep you posted on more details.
If you want to listen to or read “Canticle of Night”, please visit my page at