Angel Thursday: Interview with Eden

Happy March everyone! Two weeks until my birthday, and Spring is on the way. What could be better? 
I’m happy to announce that I once again reached my word count goal last month. Though February had only 29 days, I still managed to write over 50,000 words, to bring me to over 100,000. I’ve got not intention of stopping now!
Here’s a flashback interview today with one of the characters from “The Last Archangel”. I’m currently writing the third installment and she figures pretty importantly there too.  Enjoy! 

Interviewer:  Today we have Mrs. Eden Fortuna with us, with a segment you won’t want to miss.  She recently experienced a rather…traumatic episode in her marriage.  I’ll let her explain.
Eden: Traumatic is one word for it. I recently found out that my husband Daren is possessed by a demon. 
Interviewer: That’s awful.  I’m sure many of our readers have suspected the same thing in moments of frustration.  Tell us, what were the warning signs?
Eden:  Well there are the more obvious signs.  My mild-mannered husband suddenly took a violent turn. I prepared this really nice dinner and got all dressed up and instead of a romantic evening, I ended up with bruises and a nearly shattered windshield.
Interviewer: I’m sorry to hear that, but there are many reasons a man could turn violent.  What were some of the other signs that tipped you off?
Eden: Now here’s a weird one: demons have an affinity for spicy food.  My husband hates spicy food, but then I found out that he started going to lunch several times a week at this Indian curry house—Taste of Bombay.  For a guy that can’t stand a green pepper in a sauce, that was a serious change of character.
Interviewer: What did you attribute all this to before you found the truth?
Eden: I thought he might be having an affair.  He was spending much longer hours at the office, and seemed less interested in spending time with me.  He even started telling me that he couldn’t even discuss what he was doing at work.  Eventually, he even claimed that there was another woman, but something still didn’t add up.
Interviewer: What finally tipped you off that something extra strange was going on?
Eden: The night after he stormed out, I found his cell phone that he had left behind and his day planner.  On the day he stormed out, he had written, THE END, and when his cell phone rang and it started smoking.  Before I dropped it, I saw the number…with a 666 area code.  Then when I picked it up again, I thought it would be a lump of ashes, but it didn’t even feel hot after it stopped ringing. 
Interview: Creepy!  Did the caller leave a message?
Eden: Yes, but I couldn’t make out a word of it and neither could my friend, who is a professor of Linguistics.  That really awakened my inner conspiracy theorist.
Interviewer:  There you have it, everyone.  The surefire ways to tell if your loved one is possessed by a demon: violence, strange phone calls, disinterest in normal activities, long hours away, and…spicy food.  I guess the only question is what will you do now? I’m guessing traditional marriage counseling is out.  Perhaps if your therapist were also an exorcist.
Eden: I’m not exactly sure.  All of this pretty new to me. But one thing is certain: I haven’t been alone through all of this.  I mean, how many people get to meet their guardian angels? I don’t know how this is going to play out, but I know that the man I love is still there somewhere.  I’ll do anything to get him back.
Interviewer:  Thanks for answering my questions today, Eden.  We wish you the best of luck in getting this sorted out.