LTUE Followup

Okay, so maybe the photographer cut off half my face. It’s still proof that I was there. This was one of my favorite panels, with a couple other great authors, a NYT bestselling author and a literary agent. Oh, and they proved that they cannot only write well, but speak well too. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in a long time.

In addition to panels on topics from Young Adult literature to avoiding mistakes first-time authors make, I interviewed with several podcasts and shows, including Residual Hauntings, talking about “The Last Archangel”.  You can listen here:

I even won a free shirt from Epic Puzzles and Games in Lehi, UT because I correctly answered a question about zombies. I surprised even myself when I came up with the name “revanant”.

I’ve also taken up the cause of the Author’s Think Tank and their awesome new podcast “by authors, for authors” called Forever Writers. I wrote the lyrics at the beginning of the podcast, and will hopefully be a host on future installments. They will be posted soon here:

If you didn’t go this year, I would definitely check it out next year. Visit for more information. It usually happens in February and is a wonderful value for your money. If you are an author and present, you can even get in for free.

I will appear next at Write Here in Ephraim on March 4th at Snow College in Utah, and then at the LDStorymaker’s Conference in mid May. See you there!

Canticle Kingdom II and Other Great Things

I’m very pleased to announce that I will be bringing The Frozen Globe to life this year, which will be the second book in The Canticle Chronicles.  Here’s a sneak peek at the cover:

My schedule for Life, the Universe and Everything (LTUE) at Utah Valley University is as follows: (All events are on Thursday February 9th)
11:00 AM: Middle-Grade Books for Boys
2:00 PM: Book Signing
4:00: Avoiding Cliché Like the Plague
I’m only able to attend one day, because I’m headed down to Arizona this weekend to perform in a couple of concerts. See the full schedule here: 

My word count for the week: 10,005
Running Total: 65839
Monthly Percentage: 15.9%
Yearly Percentage: 12.8%
Writing Tip of the Week:
No matter what you do, don’t think that you can revise everything yourself.  The human mind is a strange thing, and sometimes it glosses over mistakes. Having another set of eyes on your writing will help you catch those crazy mistakes.

For example, my wife was reading through one of my manuscripts and came across a hilarious typo. Instead of saying, “He took off his hat and set it aside,” it read “He took off his head and set it aside.” 
This wasn’t supposed to be one of my science fiction or fantasy stories.
Writing Update:
I’ve crossed the 20,000 word mark on “Wandaful”, and it’s going wonderful. I’ve been working on getting “Prometheus Returns” where it needs to be to send out and continue to send out queries for “Starspire”.  I got a nice rejection letter from an agent this week who said that the manuscript had strong writing and a great concept, but that she wasn’t taking on anything else right now. She thought that it would find a home elsewhere.
“Canticle of Night” has reached over the halfway point and has been really fun.  Please take a moment to support it by clicking the ‘like’ button on the page.
If you want to listen to or read “Canticle of Night”, please visit my page at
I’d love to know what you think about it!

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