April is Great…No Foolin’!

A happy Easter weekend to you all! 

Hello, everyone. I apologize for not checking in earlier this week. Between singing in LDS General Conference over the weekend and doing dress rehearsals for “The Secret Garden” at the Hale Center Theater Orem, I’ve been pretty booked. It was a bit of a rough start for the first part of April as far as writing goes, but I made up for it with a good writing day yesterday.
Here’s a few announcements:
I’m going to be in Ephraim Utah at the “Write Here in Ephraim” event, teaching my class on avoiding cliché and signing books. It will be held most of the day on Saturday April 14th at Snow College, so stop by if you are in the area.
All the submissions for my Christmas anthology are in and there are great things in store. I have an editor and a cover artist on board and I’m ready to go. One of my favorites is a historical fiction piece that centers around the legend of Good King Wenceslas.  Look for that and more this holiday season.  (Sounds like I need a movie trailer voice there.)
If you’d like to see me and many other wonderful actors and actress’s in “The Secret Garden” you can get your tickets online at http://www.haletheater.org. The first performances start April 13th and the show runs all the way until June 2nd. I will be performing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night as well as some of the Saturday matinees. (I’ll post those later). I highly recommend you come see this one. It not only has incredible music, but a timeless and touching story that will stay with you long after the show is over.
Also don’t forget to check out my web serials to which I have contributed.
Running Total: 173357
Month to Date:  8731
Yearly Percentage to Go: 71.1%
Writing Tip of the Week:
It really pays to plan. I’m reading over some things that I wrote in my early writing days when I just went for it without taking much time to plan. I found things rambling more often than not. I don’t think there is one true way of planning, but I think whatever works best for you is the way you should go. I’m attending David Farland’s Million Dollar Outlines workshop this month, so I’m sure I’ll have more to say on the subject later.
Writing Update:
Wandaful is finished! I see that one as a series, but I’m not sure exactly how long yet. I’m going to let that one sit for a week before taking it up again so that it has time to ‘simmer’.  Now I’m just wondering what to do next. I have several options, and I’m not sure which one would be best. I’ll be sure to let you all know.
‘Til I see you again, write bravely and live well!