Another Winner and a Happy New Year!

Congratulations to Krista Jensen of Cody, WY who won the second copy of “The Canticle Kingdom.” Apparently she really did get some things off of this list for Christmas.  

1 Kindle e-reader
2 book release dates
3 pedicures
4-piece flannel sheets
6 pairs of socks (I need some, okay?)
7-day writing retreat
8 maids
9 times the energy
10 new Kindle books
11 free loads of laundry
12 chocolate truffles

A safe and happy New Year to you all.  I’ve got a lot of exciting writing projects in the works this year and I look forward to sharing them all with you.  If you want to write as well, I encourage you to make it part of your New Year’s resolutions to dive in this year. Make this the year that you write that novel or that play, or whatever it is you like to write.  Small, consistent efforts will accomplish more than the occasional big effort will.  Go for it!