You Should See Who’s at the Door

Having been a missionary, I know how hard it is to speak to stranger’s about your beliefs. I got many doors slammed in my face. This “Memoir of Me and the Missionaries” gives me hope for missionaries everywhere. 

In this quick and engaging read, Dan Harrington provides a fascinating look into his experience of meeting with the LDS Missionaries. The writing is light and interesting and the experiences are inspiring without being preachy. Dan writes for a newspaper, and his experience shows in his easy, interesting style. An excellent read that supports understanding and open-mindedness.

Throughout the book, you get the impression of complete candor from the author.  Sometimes it’s funny and witty, while other times it is deeply insightful. I felt deeply moved by Dan’s struggles and triumphs and at once intensely grateful that he took the time to document the ups and downs in this path.

You can read more about Dan and his writing at his blog: