The Great Glasses Giveaway (Firmoo)

Here I am wearing a pair of glasses I ordered from I really like them, and so I’d like to share the wealth.

Firmoo is an immensely popular supplier of eyewear, both prescription and non-prescription. They have a huge selection and reasonable prices. After discovering I needed glasses, I had a great experience ordering my glasses from them.

Fill out the form below for a chance to win a free pair of Firmoo glasses if there are more than 30 different people who enter. I’m also giving away six $30 vouchers that can be used towards purchasing designer eyewear on the site.  This only runs through Feb 22nd, so be sure to sign up and share!

You can visit the site here:

Or their Facebook page here:

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Was Blind but Now I See!

I finally know what that classic hymn was talking about. According to the eye doctor, I’ve needed glasses for a while, and will do a lot better with them. It’s true. I’m noticing details I had no idea that I was missing–helping me enjoy the little things in life.

Luckily, right as I got this news, I came into contact with Firmoo, a glasses maker approached me with a deal to give me a new pair of stylish glasses if I would show them off for you here on my blog. Here are the results:



I couldn’t be happier with my new specs. My wife helped me pick them out and agrees that they look great. I think I look like a teacher more than ever before and I really love being able to see so much better and not have tired, strained eyes. 
Please visit them at to check out their wide selection of affordable glasses. THey even have a first-time buyers program that will let you get a free pair of glasses. 
What are your thoughts on the new me?