Mayday Update

April is a Winning Month!
Welcome to another month! April was a very difficult month for writing. I had the opening of “The Secret Garden”, the crash of my computer and a thousand other things vying for my time. I’m pleased to report, however, that on April 30th, I jumped over the finish line for 50,000 words in April.  That was a close one! I had to find all sorts of little times to write a little here and there. It really does add up.
My hard drive situation is still not taken care of, but I have high hopes. I will get back to posting writing stats once I get back my old records. Until then, just know that I’ve done about 200,000 words already this year! Many fun projects coming your way soon.

Canticle Kingdom eBook
Great news! “The Canticle Kingdom” is now available as an eBook!  You can get the Kindle edition here: and on the Nook:  Many of the Canticle Kingdom prequel stories are going eventually to be in eBook form as well, and the two sequels I am writing will be in eBook form as well, so this makes me very happy.  

I went to the LDStorymakers conference this weekend  down in Provo and it was just to soak in all the knowledge and to get a chance to pitch to agent Holly Root. I think it all went really well!  I also loved seeing all of my writer friends and catching up on their amazing projects. We are in good company in our organization.
Last week, I attended a great workshop given David Farland about outlining. If you ever have a chance to take anything from him, jump at it. He has trained many NYT bestsellers and is one himself. You can find more about him at

All the stories are in for the Christmas Anthology, and one of the major steps that now needs to be made is to name it.
To this end, I’m announcing a contest. Send me in your best name suggestions and we’ll take a vote. If you suggest the winning name, you’ll get credit in the anthology, a free copy of the anthology when it comes out and your choice of one of my books or a free three-chapter edit from me if you’d rather.
Keep in mind the nature of the anthology, which is that it is comprised of short stories based on Christmas songs.  Please keep all suggestions family friendly, and be creative as you can be. Send all submissions to:

‘Til I see you again, live bravely and write well! 

First Lap Down!

My first month of marathon writing is over, and I’ve set a good pace. I exceeded 50,000 words to come out a little ahead. The only think is that there are eleven months to go.  I feel good about things and about how things are turning out.  I should have many completed projects by the end of the year!
Still one more day to enter the Young Adult Blog hop to win a copy of “The Canticle Kingdom”. My publisher let me know that they are working on getting it out in eBook form, and I’m very excited for that.
My word count for the week: 13828
Running Total: 55834
Monthly Percentage: 111.7%
Yearly Percentage: 9.3%
Writing Tip of the Week:
Look out for your own pet phrases. It may be hard to spot them by yourself, so you may need to enlist the help of a friend.  You may have a favorite cliché, or even a brilliant original phrase that you just use too much.  Maybe all of your characters say the same phrase when they’re surprised. 
Search and destroy.  Or at least, mix them up a bit.
Writing Update:
I’m hard at work revising “Prometheus Returns” and hoping to get that out soon. I’m also working on a musical project called “Quest”, which is a parody of typical fantasy stories.  I hope someday to some of my works on stage.
I’m also hard at work on “Wandaful” and am well into the middle of it.  I find that the initial idea of the magic system based on color and time is evolving quite nicely and I’m loving playing the quirky characters off of each other. 
“Canticle of Night” has reached over the halfway point and has been really fun.  Please take a moment to support it by clicking the ‘like’ button on the page.
If you want to listen to or read “Canticle of Night”, please visit my page at
I’d love to know what you think about it!

Related link: is a great resource with information on writing courses.

Kicking Off Angel Thursdays

Hello everyone!

I’m off to a great start on my marathon writing year. I’d like to introduce a feature I’ll be doing on Thursdays, in which I highlight posts about “The Last Archangel”. I just finished writing the sequel and hope to get that out in the world soon one way or the other once I’m done with revisions. The number of followers has grown significantly since the initial blog tour and so I’m going to highlight things from the tour and some never-before-seen content as well.

Today, I’m just going to do an intro post with a little about my book. The publisher recently slashed the ebook price for all their ebooks in half and so it can now be yours for only $3.99. (was $9.99)

The story revolves around Xandir, who is a an angel who fell near the beginning to this world and as a punishment has been forced to work as a destroying angel throughout history. The story chronicles his quest in our time to either find redemption–a quest which determines whether he helps destroy the world or save it. You can read a great review of it here in the Deseret News:’The-Last-ArchAngel/’-full-of-warring-angels-and-demons.html

You can purchase the Kindle version here:
Next week, I will highlight a character interview with Xandir, so you can get to know him better. Hope the beginning of your New Year is going great!