The Last Archangel Launch Weekend

 Last weekend, I had a great time wrapping up the blog tour.  I got to know some other great bloggers and had a great time.  Here’s another post that I just recieved today that I really enjoyed:

On Saturday, I kicked off The Last Archangel with a signing at Barnes and Noble.  The highlight would have to be when the first person who bought a book told me that her book club was going to read it next month. She’ll be the cool one with a signed copy.

 My signing setup, including my “Archangel” statue (which happens to be of St. Michael), my bookmarks, plenty of books and my signature music box.  Barnes and Noble always does a great job of making promotional signs.

 My publisher, Cedar Fort, was kind enough to print me up a great promotional poster.  My wife is showing how Xandir is almost life sized.

 Guests got to chose between Angel’s food and Devil’s food.  Kind of like the choice that Xandir has to make.

 Guests brought their kids and they all showed off their angel-coloring and halo-making skills.  The adults tried their hand at an round of angel trivia.

 This kid wins the coolest halo award.

Raffle prizes included books and special angel-themed articles. Diana here won her very own pack of “angel soft” TP.  And she still walked away smiling.  I also read the first chapter and signed books, all while enjoying the park and the lovely weather.  It was a great start for a book I’m very excited about.

I’m still accepting entries for my blog tour giveaway. You can find the entry link on the last blog tour post:​/07/blog-tour-day-17-finish-li​ne.html.  

I’ll draw some names this coming Saturday. 

‘m got my first radio appearance tomorrow, sometime between 10 – 12 am on KSL.  I’m
 going to be reading some inspirational stories and talking a little bit about my writing.  You can tune in to 102.7 if you’re in the Utah, Wyoming area. 

Approaching Mother’s Day

Signing at BYU Women’s Conference

It’s the perfect venue: hundreds of visiting women and only days before Mother’s Day.  Come visit me in the BYU Bookstore 1:30 – 3:30 PM on April 29th.

It’s a perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

Cedar Fort has a wonderful page dedicated to “Portrait of a Mother”.  Come visit it:

Cedar Fort Book Signing Tour

I’m going a short tour with a few other authors during March. 

Cami Checketts, The Sister Pact (suspense),
Rachelle Christensen, Wrong Number (suspense),
Frank Richardson, Where the Sun Rises ( inspirational),


You can see us at the following stores:

March 6th Barnes and Noble in Murray, UT: 12pm – 2pm

March 13th: Barnes and Noble in Orem, UT: 12pm – 2pm

March 20th Borders in Logan, UT: 12pm – 2pm


There will be drawings and lots of fun extras. Hope to see you all there!

First Book Signing

For those of you in the Utah Valley area, I will be having a release book signing on Feb 13th at Eborn Books, located in the Provo Town Center mall. I will get there around 1pm and stay as long as I still have books to sell. If you cannot make that one, I will be going around to some Barnes and Noble stores in Utah in March

For those of you not in the area, the release date is Feb 8th, and it is already available for pre-order on and It should be available at Barnes and Noble and other bookstores after the release date.

The book falls under the genre of fantasy and if you would like to learn more about it and read the first chapter, you can visit my website by clicking here.

I’m also interested if any of you have media contacts or know people who write book reviews. I have a number of advance reading copies that were given to me for that purpose.