Winners for the Canticle of Night Contest!

The contest held by for The Canticle Prelude is over. But don’t let that scare you away from their contest page: There will surely be more.

To see if you are a winner, come check out their blog post:

For those of you who didn’t win, you can still pick up The Canticle Prelude here.

Maybe we’ll do it again sometime. Thanks to all who entered!

The Canticle Prelude Kickoff Contest

How would you like to read the complete compilation of The Canticle Prelude? It includes all the serial chapters from the series “Canticle of Night”, “Canticle of Dawn” and “Canticle of Twilight”. It is a great read to start before you read “The Canticle Kingdom” or even after you have. This compilation includes a bonus chapter linking the serial stories and the novel previously unreleased, as well as the sheet music for piano of the song that the music box plays, which I also wrote.

Head over to the site for more details:

You Wrote…a Love Story?

Okay, just hear me out. I know romance isn’t my typical fare. It is Valentine’s Day and even though I don’t write a lot of love stories, love is pretty great when you find it. “The Last Time” is being featured as the Valentine’s Day special for, which is a great digital content distributor of ebooks and audio books. You can listen to an audio version done by myself, or read it digitally. It is a modern fantasy tale, which I promise involves no sparkly vampires or werewolves.

Check in next week for my first contest with “The Canticle Prelude”. Five books up for grabs!

A happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. May you find love, or grow the love you have already found.

Announcing: Canticle of Night

Showcase image

When many people read “The Canticle Kingdom” they told me that they wanted more backstory.  Wait no longer! In conjunction with BigWorldNetwork, I am producing a 12 part serial story that details some of the backstory of Jorgen and Karsten Muller, the brothers who created the music box that would become The Canticle Kingdom. You can read and listen for free here: (I did my own narration as well)

Please spread the word!  I’m excited to see how this new format will be. A new episode comes out on Mondays, and I promise to keep it exciting and interesting. Please let me know what you think.