Final Angel Trivia:

The last question was:  What is the name of the “Angell” that designed the Salt Lake City Temple as well as many other buildings in Salt Lake City?

The correct answer was given by Tanya Parker Mills: Truman, from the architect’s full name of Truman O. Angell.  

The final question is: In which Biblical book does it record a donkey seeing an angel and then temporarily getting the power of speech? 

Hint: It is in one of the books that are considered “the books of Moses”. 

Join me later this week as I review too books and talk about what I learned as a writer by reading them.  

Angel Trivia 4

The question yesterday was: Which book of the Bible mentions angels the most

The Answer: Revelation

No takers on this one.  Try the next one on for size: 

What is the name of the “angell” that designed the LDS Salt Lake City Temple, as well as many other buildings in Salt Lake City?

Hint: His initals are T.O.A.  

Just one more question on Monday!  Not to late to step in and answer. 

Angel Trivia Day 3

The question yesterday was: Name the three angels mentioned by name in the standard cannon of the Bible.

The first was Gabriel, who visited Mary to tell her of her special status as the mother of Jesus. 

The second is Michael. (What a great name) He is the archangel who cast Satan and his followers out of Heaven. 

For the third, I will accept either Lucifer or Appollyon. 

I had a few other answers, such as Uriel and Raphael.  These are traditional angels in many religions, but are not mentioned by name in the standard Old and New Testaments.  They are mentioned in some apocryphal books that are included in some biblical version.  

Congrats to: Alyssa Clark again, as well as T. J. Bronley.  

The question for today to be answered on my Facebook pageWhich book in the Bible mentions the word angel the most times?

a.     Genesis
b.    Revelation
c.     Matthew
d.    Deuteronomy

Angel Trivia Day 2

Congrats to Alyssa Clark, who got the correct answer to yesterday’s question.  The question was: 

About how many times is the word angel mentioned in the Bible?

She answered: “287 times though it varies with which version you use”

You take day 1!

Here is the question for day 2: 

Name the three angels mentioned by name in the standard cannon of the Bible.

And here’s a hint:

Two of three end in “el” and one does not.  

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Contest: Earn Your Halo–Angel Trivia

Over the next week or so, I will post angel trivia questions on my Facebook author page:

Answer on Facebook and check back here for some hints.  The person who can get the most right answers, can help me name a secondary character in my next Archangel book.

The question for day 1: How many times is the word “angel” mentioned in the Bible?

Hint–It is one of the following:
1. about 100
2. about 150
3. about 200
4. about 275

Check back later for the answer and another question!