NaNoWriMo Day 7: First Week in Retrospect

The first week is over and I’m feeling good about things. I have over 20,000 words in the first week, which is way ahead of schedule. My friend and fellow author finished NaNoWriMo in just 5 days! That’s 10,000 words per day! You can read how she did it here:


1. Writer Mike 16,925 (as of November 6th)
2. Robin: 12,987 (as of November 6th)
3. Misha: 3,389 (as for November 2nd)

Word Count: 

16925 / 50000

Writing tip of the Day:
Copy and paste is your friend. If you are writing a long passage involving a repeated character name, it might be easier to copy the name once and then hit a quick ctrl + V whenever you want that name to appear. It is two keystrokes opposed to having to write out the whole name. This is especially useful if you have a character with an unusual name, such as the main character of the book I’m writing now: Xandir.

New Blog Hop Starting Tomorrow: 
Get ready for the November Blog Hop. Stop by tomorrow for details.

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