“Wrong Number” Hits the Right Notes


Rachelle Christensen’s “Wrong Number” is sure to have a wide appeal, because it effectively pulls of the trick of being a “romantic suspense” novel.  It is full of puzzles and action, but also brings in a love story that was tastefully done so that it enhanced the action instead of overshadowing it. 

The novel follows a woman who accidently overhears about a crime over the phone.  She is put in witness protection and by the FBI and finds out that not even then is she safe.  Forging out on her own, she has to unravel the mysterious message she heard on the phone in order to protect herself and her young child. 
The story and the writing are brisk and if I had only one complaint it would be that it feels like it gets over too fast.  The characters and plot were so interesting that I wanted them to stick around a while longer.That being said, I hope that Rachelle has more to come, as her debut novel was very promising.  

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