Resources for Writers

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There are so many amazing resources for writers out there to help you improve your craft! Here are some of my favorites.

Writing Podcasts

Writing Excuses: Get expert writing advice from Brandon Sanderson and friends.

Self-Publishing School: Learn how to self publish your work.

The Writer Files: A podcast that talks about the habits and methods of well-known writers.

Dead Robots’ Society: A lighthearted podcast offering advice to aspiring writers.

A Way with Words: A podcast that examines language through the lens of history and culture.

YouTube channels for writers

David Farland: Expert writing coach and bestselling author gives practical and insightful advice to writers.

Brandon Sanderson: Full length college-level lectures on writing and other great instructional videos.

iWriterly: Industry-focused advice for writers from a literary agent/author.

ShaelinWrites: A channel from an author giving in-the-trenches advice to other authors.

Tyler Mowery: A filmmaker who uses films to talk about creating better characters and conflicts in fiction.

Trope Anatomy: Breaking down the tropes of storytelling to help your own writing.

Terrible Writing Advice: A humorous channel that helps you spot bad writing so you can eliminate it.

Websites for writers

Agent Query: Search for agents and see what they are looking for.

QueryShark: Advice on how to write query letters that work.

NaNoWriMo: The official website of National Novel Writing Month

750 Words: A writing prompts website that helps you get in the habit of writing every day.

Helping Writers Become Authors: A professional writers shares writing advice to help aspiring writers get published.

Writer’s Digest: The website for the popular writing magazine with additional resources for writers.

Poets and Writers: This is a non-profit organization that offers supports to poets and writers of all sorts.

ProWriting Aid: A program that acts as a writing coach, grammar checker, style editor and more.

Scrivener: A full-featured writing program that helps you keep everything organized for complex projects.

Books about writing