The Boss Level Series

Many people have heard of the miracles made famous by the Bible: walking on water, parting the sea, and even raising the dead. Though these miracles happened a long time ago, they still inspire readers today as evidence of a loving Heavenly Father. Today, God continues to be a God of miracles and works his wonders in the lives of ordinary people. In this collection, you will read the stories of people from a variety of backgrounds who have experienced miraculous events in their lives. Feel inspired as you read of modern-day wonders that God is working all around us.

The proceeds from this collection will be used to support couples who need financial support to afford fertility treatments. The basic edition contains the same content as the regular edition but has black-and-white photos instead of full-color ones. Also available in audiobook format.

Book 1: The Boss Level Volume I

Book 2: The Boss Level Volume II

Book 3: The Boss Level Volume III