Kindle Vella Stories


After an encounter with the wreckage of an extraterrestrial craft, Silas Mulligan finds he can turn back time—but just 5 minutes and 22 seconds at a time. That’s enough to allow him a do-over for many mistakes. When his sister is gunned down in a subway station, a do-over is exactly what he needs. But you can’t mess with time without consequences, and soon Silas has attracted all sorts of attention, from a secret agency tasked with protecting the world, to sinister forces from the stars.

Cardinal Directions

Artemis Anders is the only man left alive to chronicle the history of mankind. To do this, he was sequestered in a fortress with a chamber that allows him to create doors to different time periods so he can observe events. Artemis establishes a different life in each of four, far-flung timelines but then finds out, that the supercomputer that allows him to do this if shutting down, and he will have to choose one of these lives or be stuck forever alone at the end of the Earth’s existence.