A Wonderful day for a Quest

A Wonderful Day for a Quest: A New Musical

The Kickstarted campaign is completed and was fully funded! Thank you to all those who donated. If you want to follow updates about the project, please join the Facebook group:


A lighthearted fantasy musical that pokes fun at popular fantasy tropes.

The wizard Jackdaw has deciphered the uppercase Prophecy and has found out that the realm’s only hope lines in…someone. With part of prophecy missing, it’s not clear whether the realm’s only hope lies in a knight with a title as long as his sword, or in a sub-assistant goat herder with a similar name. To find out, they must decipher the Riddle of Ages, a three-part conundrum that is said to contain the villainous ELM’s only weakness. If neither of them can do it, magic bean production will cease forever, leaving the world a far less magical, and musical, place.

Below, you can watch the intro, listen to two songs, and hear me perform the whole script as a one-man show!

“A Wonderful Day for a Quest” Intro


“It Must Have Been Earwax, Part I”

“It Must Have Been Earwax, Part II”